Terms of Use

1 Scope, offer changes to the Terms
1.1 This offer is available from Virtualcity Deutschland, Zwickerstraße 65, 04277 Leipzig and is hereinafter referred to as "VCD". VCD can provide its offer based on these terms of use. By using our "services" you agree to these Terms of Use. "Services" means any services, products, advertising and websites, which are offered by VCD.
1.2 VCD reserves the right to change the terms of use with effect for the future. In this case VCD will be notified in advance changes to the Terms of Use and indicate that the changes are considered accepted if you do not object to the changes within four weeks, or as soon as you use the service again. The notification of a change can be used as reference or link in the offer, or by e-mail can be configured and is also deemed to be delivered if your email address is reachable. VCD reserves the right to his services to change at any time to improve, partly or completely adjust.

2 Registration for "MyVirtualcity" Prerequisites
2.1 An application for the use of "MyVirtualcity" is free. A contract between VCD and the user does not come.
2.2 You are obliged to provide truthful, current and complete information during registration and to keep your data in the User account current and correct.
2.3 Your account is not transferable to another person.

3 User's Obligations
3.1 You are responsible for ensuring that your account is only used by you and must keep login and password secret and protect it from third parties.
3.2 You acknowledge that the owner of a user account in full for all activities, which are performed on his user account is responsible and liable.
3.3 inform us immediately of any unauthorized use of your login, password or user account.
3.4 You agree to refrain from any action which might affect the functionality of our services, for example, by software or scripts which have an unreasonable or excessive load on the servers result.
3.5 You may not use our services for any commercial purpose, or parts thereof.

4 responsibility Prohibited content
4.1 The responsibility for any data that can be stored using our services by you or other users published or transmitted, is the sole and full responsibility of the person from whom such content originated.
4.2 VCD does not control or endorse the content, save that you or other users of our services, publish and / or transmit, in principle, and therefore accepts no responsibility or liability.
4.3 You must not when using the services of VCD:
Save 4.3.1 content, copy, publish and / or transmit that infringe applicable law or laws.
Save 4.3.2, publish and / or transmit, violate the rights of third parties and store data, publish and / or transmit that contains software viruses or other information, files or programs that are designed or adapted to the function of services compromising of VCD or disturb.
4.3.3 Saving, publish and / or transmit, the disclosure of which you are not entitled
4.3.4 impersonate another person when you are in reality
Save 4.3.5 unsolicited advertising, publish and / or transmit
4.4 VCD control the content by users not in principle, but reserves the right to reject any content without giving a reason to block, delete if they violate the terms of use.

5. Termination, blocking of the user account
5.1 You may cancel your account at any time. Moreover, it is open to you to request data stored on your account and to delete. VCD will then delete the stored data for you. More information can be found below in the privacy policy: http://www.virtualcity-deutschland.de/datenschutz.html.
5.2 You agree that VCD can delete your account, or parts thereof, if you violate these Terms of Use.

6. Copyright
6.1 All members of VCD are copyrighted and may not in any way without the written permission of VCD - even partially - copied, modified, stored in other systems or be published or distributed in any form. Search engines may index the contents of websites of VCD to see this in search queries in the form of text, small images (thumbnails) and video thumbnails. Any further publication of data in its original size or in parts and publishing in foreign Web sites outside of VCD is not allowed.

7 Disclaimer
The use of all services at their own risk, liability is excluded. All free services of VCD are not binding and without warranty. For the nature, accuracy and timeliness VCD assumes no liability. Despite careful control we assume no liability for the content of external links. For the content of linked external pages are responsible exclusively their operators.

8 Advertising
Advertising will appear at different places or locations to operate the supply and services of VCD and finance. By using the services of VCD you accept this kind of advertising.

9 Data Protection
VCD takes your privacy very seriously. As VCD protects your data and what data is collected, for what purpose, see the Privacy Statement at the following link: http://www.virtualcity-deutschland.de/datenschutz.html

10 Applicable law, place of performance and jurisdiction
10.1 German law applies, excluding the CISG.
10.2 The place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is Leipzig in Germany.
10.3 Verbal agreements do not exist. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions must be in writing. This also applies to the repeal or amendment of this written form clause.
10.4 If individual provisions be wholly or partially invalid, then the contract remains effective. In case of such invalidity, the contractual partners are economically close as possible to take one of the ineffective regulation next legally effective substitute provision. The same applies in the case of a loophole.



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